«Pot-Pourri» from Igor & Grichka Bogdanov's Before the Big Bang

New ! : A story of quotation marks, ``transcendental'' rational numbers and Photoshop or... How the Bogdanov brothers faked their own book to escape critics against their blunders

More on this in french here.

- At least one root of x^2-x-1 is not algebraic !

p. 22 If you compute the ratio between two successives numbers of this sequence [The Fibonacci sequence], you’ll get a transcendental number (which, as well as pi has no end) called the “golden number” by XVII century mathematicians

p. 50 This spiral, governed by a transcendental number (the famous golden number)

- Confusing time interval between events, space and space-time, events and points…

p. 55 How to explain what is called in quantum physics “non-locality", the instantaneous tranfer of information from a point to another one of space-time

- There is only *one* imaginary number, or there are plenty of them we all call the same : i !

p. 82. Whatever, there is also non-real numbers with a negative square. The elements of this new set, called i, satisfy therefore to the strange property i^2=-1

- the Minkowski space is only one light-cone.

p. 84. As a matter of fact, every “point” of this geometry [Minkowski space] represent what is called in Relativity an event. The set of all these events can easily be represented as a four dimensionnal reel cone : the famous light cone of special relativity.

- Bye bye mesons…

p. 114 quarks […] can only exist by three and not isolated

- Special Relativity, part I : Too stupid to be commented… (later they’re confusing this “Elsewhere” with some hypothetical “exterior” of the curved space-time)

p. 122 Any light-cone defines three part of space-time : the interior (where we live, and where are all event linked by a causality link, the envelope […] and the exterior (where points are no more linked by any causality link). This last region, where we cannot go, has been called by Einstein by a mysterious name : the Elsewhere. Perhaps because, has he admitted later, he had a uncomfortable feeling about this “outside of the Universe", he understood badly.

- Applied numerology, part I.

p. 131 why does the Universe have four dimension (and not three or five) ? […] The digit “4″ seems to have a special place in nature. There is 4, and only 4, physical forces […] there is only 4 fields and 4 stable particles in the atomic world. Moreover the famous ADN is also a four-dimensional space. It looks intriguing to us that, on a strict arithmetical point of view, there is only 4 sets of numbers in nature : integers […], rationals […], irrationals […]. Reunited this three sets form the more complete one, what is called real numbers. There is a last family, completely different from the three other ones: the imaginary numbert. In mathematical terms, the imaginary numbers represent the algebraic closure of the set of real numbers. All the simplicity of the world’s dimensions is that we measure space with the three families of real numbers and with the family of imaginary numbers, we have time (Poincaré shew that that we can measure time only by using imaginary numbers.

- If the data don’t fit, just ignore them.

p. 139 The WMAP satellite, here again, just confimed that space (which has been believed almost flat) is, in reality, very slightly curved.
(From NASA : http://map.gsfc.nasa.gov/m_mm/mr_content.html : “WMAP has determined, within the limits of instrument error, that the universe is flat”

- Before speaking about the Big Bang what about trying to learn something about the Universe's expansion ?

p. 197 Now we are four billion years before now. […] Everything has changed in the Universe of these times since it is twice smaller than now. Nothing surprising that the Sun looks like so huge and bright in the sky, that one would perfectly see some stars (like Sirius or Polaris). The night, the show is even more impressive Mars is almost here, […] just as Saturn

- An imaginary link between imaginary numbers and information theory

p. 256. The time is imaginary. What does it mean ? Simply, that the evolution of the system will no more be real, as in our world, but imaginary, as in the information world

- Thermodynamically stupid

p. 263. for exemple, when you’re drinking a cup of coffee by reading a newspaper, you’re getting informed while consuming energy : You transform caffeine’s energy (which is described in real time) into information (which is described in imaginary time)

- All increasing functions tend to infinity…

p. 267 If we admit that in the Universe the entropy (or disorder) is increasing, how to understand the end of the Universe when, as predicted by equations, the entropy will become infinite

- Topology and measure theory, part I : How to confuse adherence, continuity, convergence, completeness zero and density.

p 292. The size of rational numbers is zero. They fill no place on the real line. Why ? Simply because one can always find, near a number as small as wanted, another number even smaller. And when one sums all these numbers, the sequence as constructed give us zero. What is the limit of a unlimited sequence of numbers becoming smaller and smaller ? It is zero. In a mathematical language, one could say that the rational numbers are what is called a “dense set”.

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